Can you imagine wellbeing and resilience being at the centre of your family?

Have you ever worried about your child not being resilient?

Have you been searching for the answers to your child’s behaviour or emotional challenges?

Do you long to understand the challenges that your child is experiencing?

Do you want to find a way to truly connect with your child on a deeper level?


I work with families who are struggling with these very same questions.
You’re not alone, we are here to help.

Are you ready to take action today to totally understand your child’s challenges?

We’ve helped thousands of children and families (like you) to help their children be happy, confident and successful in everything they do.

Meet Jane who is 10 years old…

She completed the 5 week resilience tutoring program and learnt how anxiety presents in the brain and body. She also learnt the concept of how the brain connected to her energy and how this connected to her emotions, thinking and every experience she was having.

As part of the education course she learnt and used mathematical equations for the logical mind to link to the concepts being taught. As her brain made sense of the concepts it was learning and the experiences she was having in life, the anxiety reduced and the brain closed the negative experience loop and happily moved on and became ready for the next experience.

She truly tapped into understanding what wellbeing meant to her and saw that it was something to embrace for her to live the life that she wanted to have.

To this day she has only ever looked forward to her future…

Meet Jett who is 7 years old…

Jett was experiencing tantrums and emotional outbursts.

I worked with his mother and she learnt the process of working with Jett’s emotion.

I worked with Jett for him to understand his emotion.

Linking the two together enabled Jett and his mum to learn about both emotion and behaviour.