Well-being for Life – Families

Is well-being essential for you and your family? Join me to have well-being conversations together and create a vision of well-being for your family.

This program is for families who want:

  • well-being to be at the centre of their family’s life
  • a deep family connection 
  • to be happy and contented in all aspects of their lives
  • the ability to embrace life
  • to see every possibility and create a life experience that is individually aligned to your future


This unique program is full of value and includes:

  • an introductory call 
  • a family connection profile providing insights into each family members uniqueness and strengths
  • a one-hour call every two weeks for three months to have well-being conversations
  • a family well-being plan
  • a ‘Little Book of Wellbeing’ that has activities to gain a deeper connection with each family member

Let us work together to realise your families dreams and aspirations.

Well-being for Life – Business/Schools

Create a culture of wellbeing for your business or school, where staff are united, happy, productive and creative in every aspect of their working life.

This program is for businesses or schools who want employees to:

  • be committed to the values and vision of the business/school
  • enhance the culture of connectivity, synergy and innovation 
  • develop a caring community that embrace wellbeing conversations and work lifestyle 


This unique program is full of value and includes:

  • a one-hour planning session with the leadership team
  • Professional Development session/s for all staff
  • Support to create, develop and implement a Well-being Framework aligned to your business’s/school’s values and philosophy

    Let us work together to realise your families dreams and aspirations.

    A Little book of Wellbeing

    I was asked to create a series of Facebook lives all about different aspects of well-being as this was the first year that COVID-19 was evident in our lives. Each week, we explored, educated, and provided a resource for our audience to understand what well-being meant for them. My granddaughter joined me in bringing the generational element in understanding different aspects of well-being. The “Little Book of Well-being” has been downloaded and shared with hundreds of people worldwide.

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      Riding the Well-being Train

      Key signs your child might be experiencing challenges with well-being
      • Being tired and non-active
      • Not eating healthy foods
      • Not wanting to socialise with friends
      • No energy to enjoy life

      A child or family without well-being finds life exhausting and challenging.
      You and your child need to recognise the above as part of a well-being journey.

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