The Wellbeing Education Model


The Wellbeing for Life Program

Well-being is the key to creating a community that includes a family community or a business community. What do you think of when you hear the word ‘well-being’? Well-being is for everyone and is different for every person. The importance is to individualise well-being to connect with a well-being lifestyle.

 One of the things we do in our ‘Wellbeing for Life’ Program is to develop a vision of well-being. When there is true well-being, people feel:

  • Connected
  • Happy and content
  • The ability to embrace life
  • And see the possibilities 
  • And seek curiosity and creativity

It is essential to understand the elements of well-being, how to have well-being conversations and how to create well-being experiences for everyone.

 The ‘Wellbeing Education Model’ is based on the 6 Step Approach to developing your or your family’s well-being.