The Resilience Tutor


Children are tutored for their academic skills…now your child can be tutored for social, emotional and resilience skills.

Resilience is an essential life skill. We have a range of experiences, including positive experiences, neutral experiences and tricky life experiences. Resilience is when we can work through and understand the meaning of ‘tricky’ life experiences. For example, when young people encounter negative life experiences, the brain can sometimes resolve the experience. The result is leaving the negative experience loops open in the brain. Then when a similar experience comes along, the brain registers the experience as being problematic in the past, which is when a trigger presents.

What we want for a young person is to:

  • Be empowered and confident of resolving negative life experiences
  • Understand their behaviour, emotions, and thoughts in connection to the experience
  • Explore practical resources and tools that are individualised and specific to your child’s experiences

Be successful in every experience they have now and in the future

The Six Pillar Resilience Model

The Six Pillar Resilience Model visually represents the teaching process of developing resilience. Children must be explicitly taught what happens to the brain and body when a negative life experience occurs.

The teaching process is based on:

  • 20+ years’ experience working in the education and psychology field
  • Neuroscience and evidence-based research
  • Making connections in understanding how the brain and body processes emotions and thoughts
  • Practical, individualised tools and resources
  • Effective routines that enable transference of skills into everyday life