The LK TOMMI Methodology

LK TOMMI has a clear focus on developing and creating well-being and resilience frameworks through connections, relationships and conversations. There are four strands to the methodology that focuses on Education, Teaching, Consultancy and Mentoring. Each has a unique formula to discover and recreate what well-being and resilience mean for young people, your family, or your business.

Education, Teaching, Tutoring

We love to connect with families and children to enhance and empower relationships through wellbeing and resilience. We help young people and families to create experiences for them to connect with their uniqueness through:

  • Teaching how emotions, thoughts, and energy connect to experiences
  • Educating your child and family to be resilient
  • Understanding what to do when ‘tricky times’ happen
  • Exploring tools and resources to support their behaviour


It is exciting to connect with businesses and schools to focus on well-being and resilience.

 We help businesses and schools to have a strong and clear focus on well-being through:

  • Creating a solid vision of well-being
  • Aligning a clear definition of well-being that connects with your philosophy
  • Connecting well-being conversations to well-being plans


    It is empowering to connect with businesses to create their unique projects and bring their ideas to life. 

     We mentor businesses to bring their projects and ideas into life through:

    • Taking the overwhelm and turning it into a masterpiece
    • Connecting with your philosophy
    • Having discussions and conversations to bring the ideas together
    • Creating processes and resources that inspire