Curiosity, learning, teaching and reflection has always been a passion. This passion has led to a 20+ year career in both the Education and Psychology fields in different and diverse roles. There is nothing better in the world but to see endless possibilities, connections, opportunities and solutions for your business.

 I work specifically with industries that connect the education and psychology fields, including:

  • Early childhood education centres
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Speech and Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Educational Tutoring Services

Consulting and Mentoring Model

This model provides a structure to the consulting and mentoring process. The main goals of the process are to:

  • Support business owners to take their big picture vision into smaller achievable, and manageable steps
  • Combining my knowledge with your expertise to align with your philosophy, values and business direction  
  • Facilitate motivation and accountability to achieve business goals
  • Connecting processes and ideas to achieve results
  • Focusing the creation of product and program-based services on streamlining organisational effectiveness.


Are you experiencing overwhelm in your business? You have a great idea and want to bring the ideas together. Is it the time in your business to innovate and create leading Education programs and products?

I can help you discover your business’s true potential connected to your philosophy, values, and uniqueness.

How to create with me?

There are two options available

1. The Starting Point


The starting point is to gain clarity, and it is for people who feel ‘stuck’ in knowing the next steps or direction or want to problem-solve a specific idea.


2. Program and Product Development

$ negotiable based on requirements

When you have an idea of a big picture project, program or product, we will discuss, brainstorm and create to bring a targeted and profitable dimension to your business.


Professional conversations help connect your knowledge with my knowledge to bring a deeper understanding and see new solutions.

Let’s bring ideas together through:

  • Problem-solving your unique challenge
  • Engaging in productive conversations which lead to solutions and ideas
  • Brainstorming ideas and providing clear direction and knowledge
  • Connecting ideas to realise a new direction

How to consult with me?

The consultancy rates reflect the specific requirements of the individual or business needs.

1. Hourly



2. Half-Day Session



3. Full Day Session



I have worked with LK TOMMI for over a year now, and it has been a remarkable and invaluable experience. LK has supported my transition from therapist to trainer, fine-tuned and expanded my therapeutic skills and filled me with insights and strategies that align perfectly with my approach. Her sensitivity and humour, combined with experience and know-how, are a winning mentoring combination.

Laura Newman

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Lead Approach

Working with LK TOMMI has been the best business decision I have made to date! She has in-depth knowledge of young children and their needs coupled with an amazing business mind.

With LK TOMMI’s support we were able to create three highly successful and profitable courses for my company. Without LK TOMMI’s guidance and mastery I would not have been able to achieve such large goals, with ease and timeliness. I would highly recommend LK TOMMI to anyone who wants an authentic and focused mentor who listens, connects and drives results.


Director, Seeds of Knowledge