Throughout LK Tommi’s career, she realised the importance of developing a proactive teaching method that engages young people in learning how their energy, emotions and thinking link to every experience they have in life. So, when life’s challenges do appear, young people know exactly how to navigate and understand the value of the experience in their lives.

Just as young people engage in tutoring for their academic development, they can also participate in resilience tutoring for their social and emotional development.

 Results-oriented, LK TOMMI’s work is built on the concept that young people can ‘create’ their lives by becoming the ‘teacher of themselves’.

Having spent over two decades teaching young (and not so young) minds in the Education and Psychology field, LK TOMMI has encountered many adults and children who have endured and have become stifled by negative life experiences.

Her mission is to equip young people with practical skills to help them dislodge the discomfort of negative experiences and, instead, understand their experiences, using the unique mathematical formulas contained in her children’s book and discovery journal.

LK TOMMI’s comprehensive programs support teachers, families and young people to raise engaged learners and confident young people. A comprehensive suite of learning products has been designed to personalise the education process for every young person and family.

The TOMMI education model builds awareness and equips learners with perspective, sparking curiosity and creativity, connecting with their purpose and passion and a love of learning.

Young people develop resilience, well-being and self-mastery, empowering them to approach new experiences with positivity and persistence.

LK TOMMI has an innate ability to connect with her learners and families in a calm, centred, focussed, and committed approach through proactively teaching the skills of well-being and resilience…. Empowering Generations…Empowering Lives – one step at a time.

The story does not end; instead, it continues into, ‘Empowering Businesses…Empowering Lives – one step at a time. 

LK TOMMI’s career progressed into working internationally with professionals in schools and businesses through consultancy and mentoring, which fitted perfectly into her philosophy of inspiring young people and businesses to have an in-depth connection and understanding of resilience and well-being. Extending her passion for empowering the world is precisely what the world needs.