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Update: LK Tommi’s new books available now! The Ultimate Experience: Discovering Me story book and The Ultimate Discovery Journal will support your young person build the resilience they need


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Can you imagine wellbeing and resilience being at the centre of your family?

We’ve helped thousands of children and families (like you) to help their children be happy, confident and successful in everything they do.


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Can you imagine what it would look like, sound like and feel like if well-being was at the core of your workplace?

We’ve helped businesses to embed well-being practices into the workplace to create dynamic teams.

I have worked with LK TOMMI for over a year now, and it has been a remarkable and invaluable experience. LK has supported my transition from therapist to trainer, fine-tuned and expanded my therapeutic skills and filled me with insights and strategies that align perfectly with my approach. Her sensitivity and humour, combined with experience and know-how, are a winning mentoring combination.

Laura Newman

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Lead Approach

Working with LK TOMMI has been the best business decision I have made to date! She has in-depth knowledge of young children and their needs coupled with an amazing business mind.

With LK TOMMI’s support we were able to create three highly successful and profitable courses for my company. Without LK TOMMI’s guidance and mastery I would not have been able to achieve such large goals, with ease and timeliness. I would highly recommend LK TOMMI to anyone who wants an authentic and focused mentor who listens, connects and drives results.


Director, Seeds of Knowledge

Meet Jane who is 10 years old…

She completed the 5 week resilience tutoring program and learnt how anxiety presents in the brain and body. She also learnt the concept of how the brain connected to her energy and how this connected to her emotions, thinking and every experience she was having.

As part of the education course she learnt and used mathematical equations for the logical mind to link to the concepts being taught. As her brain made sense of the concepts it was learning and the experiences she was having in life, the anxiety reduced and the brain closed the negative experience loop and happily moved on and became ready for the next experience.

She truly tapped into understanding what wellbeing meant to her and saw that it was something to embrace for her to live the life that she wanted to have.

To this day she has only ever looked forward to her future…

How I discovered the importance of the connection of wellbeing and resilience

Over my career, I worked with many young people and families who were experiencing difficulties and problems with understanding their child’s emotions and behaviour.

I discovered what they wanted was for their child to have positive life experiences. During this time, the discovery was that young people or the family learnt more about themselves and the knowledge of well-being and resilience.

The result was that every person/family learnt more about themselves.

TOMMI is the acronym for “Teacher Of Me Myself and I. The end goal was that young people learn to be their teachers, empowering them to be the person they wanted to be and have the life experiences they wanted to have.

The following connection reflected on what the next generation would need to be successful in their endeavours, creating the motto of, “Empowering generations, empowering lives one step at a time”.

As I was known for really understanding the connection between resilience and well-being, businesses started contacting me to develop well-being and resilience programs that directly connected to their philosophy creating a unique focus for their business. As part of this work, I also was asked to create a well-being strategy for the workplace.

As you can see, my passion is to transform the education experience concerning developing well-being, resilience, and social and emotional development for young people. Consequentially, this led me to tutor and mentor thousands of young people, families and businesses nationwide.

Get support to bring resilience and well-being to your family or workplace today!